Former Montreal mayor Denis Coderre has been getting in shape and losing weight over the past year.

After losing 50 kg (110 lbs.), he now plans to take part in a charitable boxing match to raise funds for the youth help group Les Princes de la Rue.

Coderre weighed more than 136 kg (300 lbs.) while he was in office and toward the end of his term had to take time off to deal with an inflamed prostate.

Since then, he took up boxing and changed his diet which has led to substantial weight loss.

But the big question from reporters was whether or not Coderre, who was also a federal cabinet minister, was considering a return to politics.

Coderre danced around the questions without ever giving a clear answer.

"Of course when you serve for 35 years you love it. I was president of my kindergarten when I was four years old. It's part of my DNA. But it's not the issue," said Coderre, adding, though, that's it's not a priority for him right now.

"I'm having a lot of great challenges. It's not just boxing, it's to be the ambassador for the Jewish General Hospital Foundation, it's about working for Stingray, it's about working internationally because I'm a member of the Board of Directors for Eurostar."

The charitable boxing match called 12 Rounds of Hope is on May 30 and will take place at MTelus.

Coderre has helped out the charity before, assisting former executive council member Anie Samson while she boxed against Ali Nestor.

Other notable figures who will face Nestor include Penelope McQuade, Ariane Moffat and Simon Boulerice.