MONTREAL -- Last year, when demand for backyard pools skyrocketed, Montreal retailers were left trying to find stock that was hard to come by.

This year, Club Piscine in Pierrefonds said it's prepared, and ready to give customers the hard truth.

"Today if I order a spa, that I would have gotten in four to six weeks, takes 65 weeks now," said Club Piscine owner Matthew Lemire.

Honesty may be the policy with clients, but it isn't easy news to break to those who want to get in the water as soon as the weather warms up.

Lemire says he tells customers "'Look, guys. There's no way i'm getting this pool for next week, so I'm not going to tell you I can install it next week. I'm telling you that I can install it in July and we'll get there in July.'"

You can still get a pool, but it's a wise idea to shop soon, and be patient -- especially if you want an in-ground pool.

"If you want an in-ground pool, we still had a boom in the past month, month and a half. We could still probably install towards the end of summer but I can guarantee you're not swimming in an in-ground," said Lemire. "Aboveground, there's still the time."

Those who actually get a pool will find that supplies are also hard to come by.

In August 2020, in the aftermath of Hurricane Laura, a chemical fire shut down a chlorine tablet factory in Westlake, Louisiana, which led to concerns for this year.

"We are expecting a shortage in chlorine," said Lemire.

"The words been getting around that there's going to be a shortage, [so] we purchased accordingly," but, he said, you never know.