Don't be surprised to see cars driven on the sidewalk along Decarie Blvd. this week.

The ongoing traffic headache that is Decarie Blvd. has turned up new problems that can only be fixed by blocking off all southbound lanes of Decarie Blvd. from north of Cote Saint Luc Rd. to Monkland Ave.

That means the construction along Decarie Blvd. that was supposed to have already been completed is going to take much longer than originally thought.

Not only that, but the excavation has also uprooted other necessary repair work that has been scheduled for next year.

Southbound traffic along Decarie Blvd. from Queen Mary Blvd. to Cote Saint Luc Rd. was squeezed down to one lane in August for what was supposed to be an eight-week project to repair often-damaged water mains and sewer lines.

However at the end of October the work expanded south of Cote Saint Luc Rd. blocking off an eastbound lane of Cote Saint Luc Rd. and two southbound lanes of Decarie Blvd. leading toward Monkland Ave. and Highway 15.

Now the work is getting more intense, and will require a short-term complete closure of Decarie Blvd., and then leave drivers nowhere to go except on the sidewalk.

What's going to happen

At 9:30 a.m. Wednesday Nov. 19 southbound Decarie Blvd. will be closed between CSL and Monkland as crews break up the sidewalk.

Two hours later, before noon on Wednesday, drivers will be able to go on that space, and will be able to access the onramp for Highway 15 South.

This detour is expected to last five days.

Borough mayor Russell Copeman said the work is a pain, but is necessary.

"The water main in question actually deviates a little more in direction to the west than was originally planned," he said.

"We thought we could leave one lane open at all time and continue that work."

But it turns out the contractor needs more space in order to do the work necessary.

"That metre extra in terms of width is what is requiring... that right-hand turn," said Copeman.

Heavy police presence

Montreal police officers will be out in force throughout the next five days to direct traffic.

Andre Durocher said they will continue to be at the Cote Saint Luc-Decarie intersection, but also further north.

"We're asking people to be patient in dealing with these circumstances," said Durocher.

He also that having police visible helps drivers stay calm.

"The sheer presence... helps to cool down tempers a bit," said Durocher, who said having officers visible also encourages drivers to be respectful.

He advised drivers to avoid the area if possible, take public transit, or leave earlier because there will be worse delays than normal.

More work needed

The months of construction work have turned up one problem that will be corrected next year.

Construction crews discovered a section of concrete underneath the roadway on Cote Saint Luc Rd. that is not supposed to be there.

Copeman said that work will begin in January.

No timeline for that construction has been provided.