A sculpture was inaugurated at Dawson College Thursday to mark peace week at the school.

Ever since a deadly mass shooting at the school 11 years ago, the school has spent time each September dedicated to remembering the victims.

This week's ceremony included the inauguration of a statue that portrays a person climbing.

The Climber was created and donated by Dr. Harry Rosen, a retired McGill University professor of dentistry turned sculptor.

He said it symbolizes man's quest to reach enlightenment through education, and that even as a person attains the height of their abilities they are always reaching for more.

Rosen said that's exactly what Dawson College has done since the 2006 tragedy.

"I've felt it was a great privilege for me if I contributed in some small way--well it looks pretty big, talk about 13 tonnes of stone--that if I contribute with my 13 tonnes of stone to convey the message htat Dawson has been conveying anyway, or maybe even add a little to it, then I'm satisfied," said Rosen.

Rosen has other artwork displayed at the Segal Arts Centre and the Jewish General hospital.