MONTREAL - A local family is outraged at the Verdun Hospital after what it deems to be shocking treatment meted out to 96-year-old Michelina Yalente, who was suddenly removed after two days in hospital.

Late last week Yalente was transferred from the Champlain Rehabilitation Centre to the Verdun Hospital to treat swelling in her legs.

Yalente’s daughter Olga Campo left after visiting her mother at about 10 p.m. last Saturday but shortly after Campo departed, hospital staff put her mother into a taxi.

Yalente was underdressed for the cold weather. She had no stockings and was just wearing slippers and hauling only a small blanket from the hospital in the -25 C weather.

Campo, who had not been informed of the move, returned Sunday morning to visit only to find that her mother was not there.

Hospital staff informed her that her mother had been sent home the night before.

Campo lives with her mother and knew full well that her mother wasn’t at home.

Eventually they realized that the 96-year-old Yalente had been transferred back to the Rehabilitation Centre.

She is fine now, but Campo remains irate at the hospital for failing to inform her of their plans.

The hospital told CTV Montreal Friday that they were conducting an internal investigation.