MONTREAL -- Cyclists are standing up in defence of an NDG bike paths that has become the centre of controversy.

The path, which runs along Terrebonne Ave., has garnered criticism for making parking on the street difficult for residents.

Borough Mayor Sue Montgomery has said the path will be gone as of Oct. 1 but residents have called for it to removed by Sept. 9.

Sona Konzak of the NDG Pedestrians and Cyclists Association said the impact on parking has been minimal.

“NDG is ready for bike lanes. We are ready for more cycling infrstructure,” she said. “We found that three quarters of the residents on Terrebonne have private parking, either right on the street or in the alleyway that goes behind Terrebonne.”

Some residents have defended the path. Julie Trudel said her kids take the path to school.

“We want to teach them to be independent, riding to school,” she said. “It feels safe with the bike path.”

City councillor Marvin Rotrand has been an outspoken critic of the path.

“The Terrebonne situation is a situation of a lack of consultations, major problems for all sorts of clientele,” he said. “Clearly cycling is important and we have to be willing to accomodate it. But cycling isn't the only form of mobility and it can't be shoved down the throats of the population.”