About 17,000 cyclists took park in a 21-km ride through Montreal streets Friday night in the Tour La Nuit bike ride. 

The course began at Mount Royal Park and wended its way through the Plateau, Rosemont/La Petite Patrie, and the Mercier/Hochelaga Maisonneuve boroughs.


map 1


Multiple distances Sunday for the Tour de L'Ile

On Sunday the larger Tour de l'Ile takes over streets for riders who wish to cover everything from 28 to 100 km.

The longest rides start at 7 a.m., with most riders expected to begin bicycling at 9 a.m.

Streets will also be closed to motor vehicle traffic during the course of the event.

The 65- and 100-km rides begin on Park Ave., then go along the Back River and tour the West Island before returning along Lakeshore Blvd.

Click here for the map for the long Tour De L'Ile

28 or 50 km ride

Riders who want a more manageable challenge will also begin on Park Ave., but they will head west south of TMR before heading south parallel to Decarie Blvd. and then touring LaSalle and Verdun.

Click here for the map for the short Tour De L'Ile