MONTREAL -- It can be a white-knuckle drive during the few moments it takes to pass underneath Highway 520 in Dorval.

“You just hope it doesn’t fall when you’re going under,” as one driver put it on Tuesday.

Even Dorval’s mayor calls it “scary.”

“You don't go there on Halloween... something might fall from the roof or the walls!” says Mayor Edgar Rouleau.

The 55th Ave. overpass is only standing thanks to some structural help. Dorval has been watching it crumble for a decade, first shored up by fencing, then steel beams, and finally a stop on two-way traffic.

In 2006, when the de la Concorde overpass collapsed in Laval, killing five people, that was a wakeup call, says Rouleau. The two structures were built around the same time—in the late 60s—with similar materials. 

But the wakeup call is only finally materializing in Dorval now.

After the de la Concorde collapse, Transport Quebec rebuilt 28 of the worst overpasses in the province, but this one didn’t make the list. 

Starting next week, it’ll finally come down, with round-the-clock shuttle buses heading in each direction for pedestrians and cyclists, and new detours for drivers.

The $14 million project will last for two years. 

Learn more about the delay and the project plans in Kelly Greig’s video report above.