The election of Jean-Francois Lisée has had a slight impact on the support of the Parti Quebecois.

A CROP poll conducted over the past five days showed that 30% of voters now support the PQ.

Polls conducted this year by CROP show support for the PQ has ranged between 25 and 30% of the public, with the previous high point being in March, shortly before the resignation of Pierre Karl Peladeau.

That's consistent with polls conducted over the same time frame by Leger. That firm has pegged PQ support at 29 or 30% all year, with a poll released Oct. 1 giving the PQ 29%.

CROP President Alain Giguere said the resullts show the PQ is clearly on the rise, and has managed to gain support from CAQ followers.

Polling analyst Bryan Beguet said the increase in support for the PQ is likely a bump caused by the PQ's election of a new leader on Oct. 11, 2016, and the resulting increase in media articles about the party, and he suspects the increase will only be temporary.


When it comes to who makes the best leader in Quebec, Premier Philippe Couillard squeaks to the top of the list, with 21% of voters believing he is best.

Jean-Francois Lisée, the new chief of the PQ, and Francois Legault, CAQ leader, are the choices of 19% of Quebecers.

According to CROP, Couillard's support for the past year has ranged from 19 to 22%.

Before his resignation Peladeau was the favoured leader of 21%, while his interim successor Sylvain Gaudreault was seen as best lead of 20% until May, when the number of people viewing him as best leader dropped to 9%.

The number of people favouring Legault was at 15% in January, but rose after PKP's resignation to 19%, and hit a high of 23% in August. He is currently the favoured leader for 21% of the electorate.


CROP surveyed 1,000 people from Oct. 12 to 17, and weighted their results based on age, sex, region, mother tongue and education.