Two years behind schedule, the new Verdun Beach is scheduled to open this weekend but it's not quite ready, and crews are scrambling to finish work.

It's supposed to open to the public Thursday evening, followed by an official inauguration on Saturday.

People working at the site on Tuesday said off the record that they don't expect that to happen on time.

It's certain that many amenities, such as hammocks and an accessibility ramp, will not be finished by this weekend.

It's also not going to be a place to relax -- at least for a year or two.

The beach will be on the shore of the St. Lawrence River behind the old Verdun Auditorium building, and that building is under construction until 2020.

"it might not be a peaceful, a peaceful beach right away,' said city councillor Sterling Downey.

The beach is several years behind schedule since it was originally supposed to be ready for Montreal's 375th in 2017.

"When we made our survey of the population and asked people what do they want for Verdun exactly, do you have a specific project for the 375th anniversary? And over 85 per cent of people were asking for a beach," said Borough Mayor Jean-Francois Parenteau.

Julian McKenzie contributed to this report