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Based out of Montreal and backed by the biggest network of media professionals in Canada, CREATIVE SERVICES  is a team of bilingual video creatives who are ready to do big things for you.

As part of Bell Media, CREATIVE SERVICES has access to more technology than you can imagine. From Gimbals to GoPros and Avid to After Effects, we’ve got it all. And we know people - lots of talented people. It’s one of the advantages that come with being in a family that runs TV and radio stations across Canada.

But did you know that the CREATIVE SERVICES team can leverage our network for you?  We’re a bilingual group of video production innovators, and when we’re not making award-winning promo spots for CTV Montreal, we’re out there producing TV commercials and videos for clients who want to deal directly with the producers and technicians who make it happen.

Need someone to come up with the perfect concept for your budget, and then carry that concept from script to screen?  Maybe you simply need to animate your logo, translate a script or shoot an interview on the other side of the country.  Whatever it is, CREATIVE SERVICES is here to help.  

And no, you don’t need to advertise with Bell Media to access all this expertise.  Want to stretch your video production dollar to the max?  Contact us here at CREATIVE SERVICES and let’s start talking about all the big things we can do for you!




CREATE YOUR VISUAL IDENTITY Using smart and simple language, we distill your selling points into TV commercials that engage.  We also write and produce longer-form videos for websites, paid programming and screenings at special events. We adapt to your needs.

AGILE PRODUCTION TEAMS From high-end productions requiring full crews, Cine cams and lighting to run & gun style DSLR shoots, we do it all.  We also have access to large stock footage and music libraries, along with Bell Media’s vast network of bilingual on-camera and voice talent

HIGH-END FINISHING TOOLS Bell Media’s broadcast infrastructure drives all of our post-production facilities.  We work with industry-leading editing, graphics and sound mixing tools.

SUITE AND STUDIO RENTALS If you want to steer your own creative and simply need access to our broadcast tools, you can rent our post edit and audio suites on an hourly or daily basis, with a technician.  Studios with electrified grids and set photography are also available.

BROADCAST DELIVERY SERVICES Sending broadcast media to TV stations can sometimes be tricky.  We can help you translate, subtitle, encode, close caption and deliver your content to stations in Montreal and beyond.



Acteurs de Changement This touching tribute was shot run & gun style in a single morning by a one-man crew. It’s a style of production well-suited to employee profiles, for example, and was part of a web series sponsored by Bell promoting grassroots heroes effecting real change.

Groupe Auto Force is 7 different dealerships, all in one location. But car shoppers weren’t familiar with the name. Script, shoot, post – we did it all, including the cool drone shots that helped put Groupe Auto Force on the same page as names like Spinelli and Gabriel.

EMSB The English Montreal School Board’s investment in vocational training is massive and the amount of real-world technology they possess simply dwarfs that of competing private schools. We shot at their four campuses over the span of six days with one simple goal:  show the technology.

Leonardo Da Vinci Centre
Bringing Leonardo and his 500-year-old studio back to life on a shoestring budget was a real challenge. First, we held a casting to find our talented actors.  Then we crewed up to gather the costumes, wigs, and props that make this spot so much fun.


CERIU Revitalizing urban infrastructure is serious business. Do you have complex subject matter that needs to be communicated? We can help! This 3-minute video was shot at several client conferences over a period of three months.


Kaspersky Producing a commercial entirely out of stock shots is a smart way to keep costs down. But the key to making a great stock footage spot is ensuring that images from many different sources all come together with a uniform look and feel. That’s what we did here for Kaspersky.

Need a bit of 3D for a commercial or corporate video? We created this 3D animated spot for PurLift’s sponsorship of games on Hockey Night in Canada.


Brain Canada Bell’s Let’s Talk campaign is about more than just talk.  It also funds many of Canada’s leading researchers as they study Depression.  We profiled two of these projects in Montreal, and coordinated with our production partners in Toronto and Calgary to tell the rest of this feel-good story.


Ultimate Super Bowl Snacks How do you bring foodies and football fans together on Instagram? If you’re like Bell, you throw a Super Bowl snack party with celebrity chef Mary Berg.  We can help your business or organization create high-end video content for any social media platform.



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