MONTREAL -- In Quebec, masks may well be lacking in hospitals before long, so the Legault government is trying by all means to obtain them as soon as possible.

Nurses, doctors and other members of the health network must now comply with the instruction to wear a mask only “when it is absolutely necessary,” Premier Francois Legault ordered on Monday during his daily COVID-19 update on the health crisis.

Mask reserves are running out quickly right when the province anticipates a significant increase in the number of hospitalizations required in the coming weeks.

Now is the time for rationing, advocating a “judicious use” of masks - both procedural masks and the N95, said Minister of Health Danielle McCann.

It is no more a question of seeing a security guard wearing an N95 mask, warned the minister.

Currently, each mask must be used under the right circumstances, by the right intervener, insisted the minister, aware of the foreseeable explosion in the number of cases. Currently, the virus has sent 235 patients to the hospital.


This report by The Canadian Press was first published Mar. 30, 2020.