MONTREAL -- The mother of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in self-isolation after returning from a trip with Sophie Trudeau, the prime minister's wife, who has since tested positive for COVID-19.

"I was with Sophie, Justin's wife, over in London, in the UK, doing a big speaking event, and we were together," she said. "I had lots of contact with Sophie, as we all did. There's 17 of us in self-isolation in our family now."

Margaret said she doesn't have any symptoms that could be associated with the virus: coughing, fever, fatigue, but has decided to self-isolate on the advice of her son, Sacha, to isolate herself as a precaution, to protect others.

Seniors like herself are more susceptible to the virus, she explained, and they should take precautions to protect themselves. Their families can also play a role.

"Families, be very conscious of your elderly. We are vulnerable, and if you want us to stay alive, it's got to be a team effort. Grandma can't be kissed and held the way she usually is," she said. "Make sure the children use hand sanitizer."

Since she's been in self-isolation, Margaret has been keeping busy, she said. But fears over the virus' spread will contribute to the isolation seniors often feel, she said.

"It is not human to be isolated, to be alone, and many of us will be alone, and we have to find ways to do it," she said. "So we've got to find ways, with our families, to protect our elderly."