MONTREAL -- Super Bowl champ Laurent Duvernay-Tardif is using his status as a public figure and his position as a medical doctor to educate Quebecers about the dangers of public gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The offensive lineman who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs returned from a post-Super Bowl vacation recently and is in self-isolation. 

But he's been keeping busy. The Quebecer has been posting to his Instagram account, keeping his followers up to date on his wood-working projects.

And on Tuesday night, he posted a video demonstrating the effects of social-distancing.

He set up two rows of matches: in one, the matches were close to each other, almost touching. In the other row, the matches were spaced out.

He lit matches in both rows.

The matches that were close together all burned, passing the flame -- or the "virus" -- from one to the other. He lit two matches in the spaced-out row and remarked that the fire didn't jump to the others.

The experiment, he said, was a demonstration of what happens when people are careless -- getting together to party or hanging out in groups and contributing to the spread of the virus without knowing it. Those who follow public health directives, meanwhile, -- washing their hands and engaging in social distancing -- won't spread the virus to others.

"It's all these small sacrifices that are going to make a difference and have an effect on the community," he said.  

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