MONTREAL -- Parts of the construction industry, garages and garden centres are being allowed to reopen in Quebec as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to keep several businesses closed. 

As of next week, construction will be allowed to resume in the residential sector, for projects that were originally supposed to be finished by July 31. Unions say they’ll be making sure safety precautions are respected on construction sites. 

Days before the shutdown, Sean Kovacs started renovating his house from top to bottom. 

“We budgeted this thing very, very carefully, and then COVID-19 came along and just blew the entire thing right out of the water,” he said. 

When he heard residential construction would be given the green light to resume, Kovacs didn’t hesitate to start up his home renovations again. 

“That was the first call I made, and I said, ‘Okay saddle up boys, and get ready to ride because it’s starting’ and I spoke with them again this morning, and they’re going to be starting spray foam on Monday,” he said. 


Mechanics will be allowed to reopen their garages as well, as long as they follow proper safety guidelines. Quebec’s workplace safety board will be able to close businesses that aren’t following rules. 

Garden centres will also be allowed to reopen. While those located in large hardware stores remained open, smaller centres had to close when the province shut down all non-essential services. 

People who use gardening to de-stress are happy with the news, as the hobby will keep them occupied through the pandemic. 

“I think it’s important people for have something to do that they’re not going stir crazy and that they can be productive,” said Yvonne Lamers, a fashion designer who likes to keep her yard looking pretty. 

Garden centres will have to put safety precautions into place quickly and call back employees who’ve been laid off. 

“In the springtime, it gets very, very busy fast here and we can’t have that influx of people all coming in at once, we’re going to have to control the crowds a little bit,” said Patrick Robson from the Centre de Jardin Brossard.