MONTREAL--Fans of the NHL are slowly giving up hope of seeing their favourite team winning the Stanley Cup at the end of this locked-out season. But for amateur players, their dream came true as the cup made its way through the Montreal-area.

On Friday in Kahnawake, amateurs filed for over two hours to get a moment with the cup--many of them wearing the uniform for Boston's team.

The boys who play for Les Elites de la Federation de l'Est had no idea what was about to happen as they waited in the dressing room Thursday only to see Mike Bolt stroll in with a large black box.

But inside the Clement Jetté arena, they knew what to do as soon as he pulled out hockey's most famous icon, the Stanley Cup.

"I freaked out!" said Matthew Desua.

"It was amazing to see the Stanley Cup in front of me. I love it . I always wanted to see it!"

The pristine white gloves that Bolt uses to display the Cup were quickly forgotten as they boys got as close as they good, grabbing it, rubbing signatures, hoisting it in the air and kissing it.

"Very emotional to be up close to the Stanley Cup," said Ornella Carmarda.

The keeper of the cup says there are never enough of these moments.

"Just to see the reaction on the kids and the big kids too. I've been fortunate enough to do this job for 14 years and their reaction when you bring the cup anywhere is always a big deal. Especially when it's a surprise," said Bolt.

The team was chosen randomly through a hockey program at Scotiabank.

Their coach, Valerio Desiato, says this is history they can understand.

"For them it's a dream come true. There's not many NHL players who have a chance to lift that cup and these kids at 11-years-old have the chance to see the Stanley," he said.

The Cup made date to 1904, but the thrill of the experience never gets dull according to Bolt.

"The Stanley Cup never, ever gets old."