Philippe Couillard said he hopes to announce new rules governing compensation for flood victims before the end of the week.

The Quebec premier said on Monday that the government financial aid program isn't inadequate, but could stand to be improved.

The details will be revealed at a later time but he provided some clues, including adjustments to the maximum payout and eligibility for the compensation program.

Couillard toured the flood zones last week to see the magnitude of the situation. He said he can imagine what citizens feel when they enter their homes and see all the damage, and then are more discouraged by the forms to be completed.

He said that a little over $2 million has already been distributed to Quebecers in living expenses for those affected and also as advances on repair work.

There is still money available, he said, adding that flood victims shouldn’t worry about being late in filling out their forms.

According to the latest Urgence Quebec report Monday evening, 4,082 homes are still flooded and 3,499 people have been forced out.

The number of municipalities currently affected has dropped to 104.