Premier Philippe Couillard said he doesn't like the idea of a minister for anglophone affairs, but he says he has another way to address the community's concerns by naming a contact person for the English community.

Couillard hinted at plans Monday that could affect the anglophone community.

There have been calls for an anglophone affairs office, most recently from the Quebec Community Groups Network, who met with the premier last month to discuss their concerns.

He said he doesn't see the need for a minister for anglophones, because he feels it’s divisive.

“That gives the impression that we're creating two different classes of citizens,” he said. “We're all Quebecers, and I usually like to say, rather than ‘anglophones,’ I'd rather say ‘English-speaking Quebecer,’ which for me reflects the reality much better in a much more positive way.”

The premier said he’s listening to the community's concerns.

“When I met with the community groups, they gave me specific actions that they wanted us to undertake. We gave them our commitment that we would do so. I also would like to have someone in my staff that would act as a contact person for the English community, rather than them having to knock at all the doors in order to get the results that they want,” he said.

The premier didn't say when this person would be named, but added that many people are interested in the job.