A coroner wants fire departments throughout Quebec to install rear-view cameras on their trucks.

The recommendation comes after the death of a firefighter in St. Laurent this past summer.

Thierry Godfrind, 39, died in July when he was crushed by a truck as it was backing up at the scene of an emergency in St. Laurent.

The firefighter suffered massive chest injuries and died in hospital. He was the first Montreal firefighter to die on the job since 2006.

A coroner investigating the death determined that if the truck had a rear-view camera, the driver would likely have seen Godfrind and stopped before rolling over him.

The Montreal fire department said it is analysing the report and said the measure could be feasible, likely costing less than $4,000 per truck.

Firetrucks cost anywhere from $400,000 to $1 million depending on their special functions.

Godfrind had been a firefighter for just two years. Thousands of fellow firefighters from across North America attended his funeral.