Police have ruled out criminal charges against two police officers who were photographed in compromising positions with young women.

In May a passerby spotted a police officer parked in his squad car ignoring a driver going the wrong way down an alley.

When she looked closer, she saw the officer in the front seat of the car had a woman with bare shoulders sitting in his lap.

There was a second police officer in the back seat, again with a scantily-clad woman.

Police initially thought the photo going around social media was a fake, but when other photographs with different angles turned up they realized it was legitimate, and soon determined which officers were involved.

A police investigation determined the woman in the front seat was a stripper and that the woman in the back seat was 17 years old.

However police say while having the young women in the car was not appropriate, nothing sexual happened.

Cmdr. Ian Lafreniere said police looked at multiple videos of the incident and spoke to several witnesses before coming to that conclusion.

Lafreniere said the disciplinary committee is still working on the case and will decide if the officers will be punished, which could range from having notes in their files to being suspended.

Both officers have been removed from patrol duty and have been given jobs where they are not in contact with the public. Each man has five to six years' experience on the force.