The Jean Drapeau Park Society has approved a plan to open most of the Gilles Villeneuve racetrack to cyclists for half the summer.

The city is building an amphitheatre on the western tip of Ile Sainte Helene, and festivals that normally take place on the island are being moved to take place on the racetrack.

Because of that the group that manages the park declared the racetrack would be off limits for 21 hours a day to cyclists, who routinely use the park for training.

But after much discussion the Society made an agreement in principle with cyclist groups earlier this week, and on Friday approved the plan to open most of the racetrack for 41 days this summer.

Everything but the hairpin will be accessible at all hours, barring certain closures for festivals, following the Grand Prix.

Most of the track will be closed to cyclists as of Monday until after the Grand Prix in June.