Wikipedia, the online website that anyone can edit, is one of the most popular websites in the world.

This year Concordia University hired Amber Berson to change attitudes about the easily accessible educational tool, dubbing her the Wikipedian-in-residence.

"My role at the university library is to engage the whole Concordia community... in how to better read articles on Wikipedia and then how to contribute," said Berson.

While many used to dismiss the site specifically because anyone can make changes, the community that runs Wikipedia is aware that false information is quickly corrected, thanks to lengthy discussions and the transparency of edits and discussions.

Explaining what happens behind the scenes at Wikipedia is one of Berson's main goals.

"We all go in and look up an article but we don't necessarily have the skillset to go in and understand the quality of a refererence, the history of the revisions," said Berson.

For more about Berson and Wikipedia, watch the full interview.