Community groups are ecstatic that 15 million Canadians are receiving the census form this week.

For the first time in a decade answering the census is mandatory, and groups that rely on accurate data about minority groups are very pleased.

Sylvia Martin-Laforge, the president of the Quebec Community Groups Network, said detailed information is crucial especially when they are seeking aid for specific programs.

"We are not represented in the civil service and we are not represented with the politicians, and so when they ask us to give examples of what we would need in terms of programs or services, if we don't have the data and say this is what we need and why we need it, they don't have to pay attention," she said.

Three-quarters of respondents are getting the short form, with the rest receiving the long form.

Statistics Canada says people have another week to fill out the form before they start following up and ensuring people have done so.

Those who continue to ignore reminders will likely find someone knocking on their door in June.

Persistently refusing to fill out the census can result in a three-month jail term, or a $500 fine.