MONTREAL - A Montreal comic is trying to teach teachers to use more humour in class.

Comedian Jeff Schoela thinks teachers are giving a performance when they stand in front of a class.

"The students might like you a little more if they're laughing with you, and if the students are laughing, then they feel more comfortable on the inside," he said.

On Friday, he was "Professor Jeff," and his students were teachers. He gives them tips on how to find humour in their classrooms.

"I like to tell teachers 'be a little unpredictable with your humour and don't overuse humour,'" he said.

Teachers tend to be receptive to using humour in their classes. Some said it makes learning a lot easier.

"The kids want to see us as one of them, so if we're funny and we share our experiences, they kinda relate," said Maria Drudi, a teacher at General Vanier School. 

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With files from CTV Montreal's Rob Lurie