A 42-year-old drug smuggler was gunned down in the Vimont neighbourhood of Laval Wednesday night.

Just before midnight, passersby came across a man lying on the ground at Edimbourg St. and Potier St., a residential neighbourhood north of Highway 440.

He was conscious but had severe head injuries which were later determined to be a gunshot wound. First responders took the man to hospital where he succumbed to his injuries Thursday afternoon.

The Surete du Quebec has taken over the investigation from Laval police officers and confirmed that the victim is Ray Kanho, a cocaine importer named in the Projet Colisee Mafia bust of 2006.

Kanho was sentenced to eight months in jail for his involvement as a middleman, helping to smuggle huge quantities of cocaine into Montreal.

So far, police say they do not have a suspect in Kanho’s death.