MONTREAL -- Baie D'Urfe's mayor is stepping down, saying she needs more time with her family.

In a letter posted to the city's website, Maria Tutino announced her resignation would be effective as of Nov. 9.

“The needs of my family, since July 2018, have grown substantially and with Covid-19 the demands on my time are even more significant,” she said.

“My family’s needs are now such that they require more and more of my attention leaving less time to properly manage and deal with the matters and issues of the Town and of Council.”

“I have thought long and hard for the past few months as to whether I could continue doing justice to my job as the Mayor of this special Town while devoting the necessary time to my family during a second wave. I have concluded that I cannot do so.”

Tutino was first acclaimed as mayor in 2005 after running unopposed. She has been acclaimed or voted as mayor of Baie D'Urfe for four mandates, most recently in 2017.