The Montreal Archdioses has called on a retired judge to audit claims of sexual abuse allegations against the church over a period of seven decades.

Quebec victims of priests, however, are outraged by the way the judge was appointed and if the work will be impartial and fair. 

“We found out this morning that not only is this a limited inquiry but that the judge was selected by Archbishop Lepine is a friend of his and a very devout person,” said Carlo Tarini of the Quebec Association of Victims of Priests. 

Tarini said that there was pressure on the Archdiocese to stage an independent inquiry.

“We would have expected more from the Catholic Church,” he said. 

Victims have not been given a voice, according to Tarini.

He met with Archbishop Christian Lepine and asked that the victims have a say in the process. 

“We were turned away,” he said. “There was never any response.”

Tarini said that the best way to investigate the claims would be a true, independent inquiry with the provincial government taking the lead.

“They should be able to appoint independent judges to take a look at what has happened and to look into people who are accomplices of these priests,” Tarini said. 

This week, Father Brian Boucher was sentenced to eight years in prison for abusing two boys.