Dozens of people led by Chris "Knuckles" Nilan will be taking wheelchairs to Montreal City Hall on Wednesday.

It's the first "Walk and Roll" to benefit the Action Centre of Montreal.

Nilan became aware of the group after undergoing several surgeries on both legs last year.

"I had a staph infection in my ankle last year and this led to three surgeries within five days. I was in hospital for a month-and-a-half and when I got out I couldn't walk on crutches because of my knee and ankle together, separate legs," said Nilan

"The wheelchair was the best way for me to get around."

But even then it was very difficult, and Nilan found that going from sidewalk to street was often very hard, especially when sidewalks were in poor repair.

The Action Centre is for people who are in wheelchairs, whether temporarily or permanently.

The centre wants people in wheelchairs to have better access to every fully mobile people do, and to raise awareness and money Joanne Hewitt is pushing Nilan from Victoria Square to City Hall.

"We're going to meet someone, a representative from the mayor's office who is going to recognize us and hopefully will bring some more awareness and we get some more things done for these people and make it a lot easier for them to get around in a world-class city like Montreal."