MONTREAL -- Sainte-Justine Hospital is warning families about the dangers associated with individual trampolines, which are very popular during the current COVID-19 confinement for children at home.

The Montreal pediatric hospital said in a news release that an increased number of children have suffered various injuries, often fractures and sprains, related to jumping on trampolines.

Orthopedic surgeon Peter Glavas warned that “there are no good, effective, 100 per cent guaranteed means of preventing trampoline injuries.”

He advises against using them, especially for children under six whose bones are fragile.

ER head Antonio D'Angelo said that if the parents still opt for the trampoline, it should be used only in the presence of a responsible adult.

He added that children should never use a trampoline with others and that they should wear a helmet, especially if there is no safety net.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published May 22, 2020.