MONTREAL – No matter what day you’ve decided to celebrate Halloween this year, Montreal police are warning parents to make sure to check each piece of candy before allowing kids to eat it.

That also applies to any nibbles you might steal from their loot bag when they’re fast asleep.

This comes after several suspected cases of tainted candy in the last few years in North America, with reports of razors, needles and poison found in treats.

Authorities note parents should also check to make sure cannabis edibles don’t make their way into their kids’ goodie bags.

In addition to making sure the sweets your kids unwrap are only full of sugary goodness, Montreal police is offering up several safety tips for families heading out to trick or treat:

  • Decide in advance what time you’ll be trick or treating, and for how long,
  • Wear bright clothing,
  • Avoid masks; choose makeup that allows you to be seen,
  • Use a flashlight and reflective tape to be visible,
  • Ring doorbells in groups or accompanied by an adult,
  • Walk only on the sidewalks and stick to one side of the street at a time to avoid crossing unnecessarily,
  • Cross streets at intersections and respect road signs,
  • Look both ways before crossing the street,
  • Don’t approach or get into any vehicles without the permission of a parent.