Thursday is the last day of testimony at the Charbonneau Commission before prosecutors take a ten-day break.

However what is said during this morning's session is still subject to a publication ban to protect the rights of someone involved in an ongoing court case.

What was revealed during the inquiry in the past two weeks has prompted the city of Montreal to put a halt to $75 million in construction contracts.

Testimony from the president of construction firm Infrabec has also revealed that police operations over the past decade put a damper on alleged collusion involving construction firms and city officials, but did not stop companies suspected of being corrupt from winning contracts and maintaining control over certain areas of the city of Montreal.

For most of the past 24 hours Zambito's testimony has been under wraps, because he is facing criminal charges in another case and what is said should not taint attitudes of potential jurors.

However, CTV reporter Stephane Giroux says that he will report on everything said in the future, when he is allowed to.

Contrary to rumours, those who testify at the inquiry are not immune to prosecution. Their words cannot be used against them in a court of law because those talking have the right not to incriminate themselves, but nothing prevents police from collecting other evidence of a crime.


Stephane Giroux is at the Commission. When the publication ban is lifted on Thursday he will resume reporting live on Twitter.