Celebrity chef and the host of the PBS series 'No Passport Required,' Marcus Samuelsson has come to Montreal.

His restaurant is called Marcus, and serves seafood at the new Four Seasons Hotel.

The Ethiopian born, Swedish raised chef regularly appears on cooking and food shows and is probably best known for his Harlem restaurant Red Rooster.

He's written several cookbooks and a best-selling memoir. His friend, the late Anthony Bourdain frequently sang his praises and explored Ethiopia with Samuelsson for an episode of Bourdain's food and travel show, 'Parts Unknown.'

In Montreal, Samuelsson and his team have focused on seafood and locally sourced ingredients, all crafted in an open kitchen.

"It's a really transparent experience where you see us cooking in front of you. There are several places in the restaurant where you can engage," he said.

The menu features food that reflects his Swedish upbringing and his earliest influences.

He's partnering with the DESTA Black Youth Network, giving teens a chance to cut their teeth in a high-end kitchen.

"(They) get real professional experience because a restaurant and hotel environment. There's always people that need a service, something's going to happen, someone missed a plane, someone is hungry right now right here and how can we make that an enjoyable experience," he said. 

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