The people behind the Cavalia horse show will be launching a new entertainment event in Laval this fall.

"For the first time we will not present you any show with horses," said Normand Latourelle, artistic director of the company.

Illumi will be a high-tech nighttime trail in Laval, with 10 million LED lights covering an area equivalent to 30 hockey rinks.

Illumi promises to be one of the most extensive multimedia sound and light shows in the world where guests will walk through a nighttime outdoor wonderland of multi-coloured light structures.

"We're going to bring you further through into the technology, the multimedia, sound and light," said Latourelle.

The immersive labyrinth will offer a walkabout experience where your presence triggers light-cues.

Visitors can also help create the soundtrack as they select the music on their walkabout.

It opens Nov. 1 at the Cavalia site at the intersection of Highway 15 and St. Martin Blvd.

Tickets for Illumi range from $12 to 20.