MONTREAL -- The owner of a pickup truck has filed a police complaint after a passenger on a stuck city bus took out his frustrations by kicking his vehicle and causing damage.

The truck's owner, Vernon Rahim, caught the scene on video surveillance cameras and is irate that the driver of the bus failed to notify him, even though the two spoke.

Friday night around 7:10 p.m., Rahim’s neighbour came to alert him that a no. 90 bus driver was taking pictures of his Toyota Tacoma, which was parked in front of his house on Chalet Ave. in Montreal's Lachine borough.

“He (the bus driver) said to me that he didn’t hit my truck, but he’s taking pictures, so I can’t go back and say after that he hit my truck,” said Rahim.

Buses do not typically travel up Chalet Ave., but for some reason the Saint-Jacques St. bus wound up turning onto Rahim's road. After failing to make a corner, the bus became stuck on the side street.

The STM did not respond to CTV News requests for a comment and the company's website is currently down due to a ransomware attack.

The bus driver took Rahim’s phone number down and left. 

Rahim checked his surveillance cameras on the weekend after the incident and discovered someone had opened the back door and kicked his truck, setting off the truck's alarm. The man then sat back down on the bus.

“He just kicked my truck really hard and he went back into the bus," said Rahim.

The video shows the bus driver exiting the bus then speaking to Rahim before he moved his truck. The bus then leaves the scene.

Rahim said the bus driver left without telling him that a passenger had kicked the truck. There is now a sizable dent on the truck's rear wheel well, and Rahim says a plastic part of the vehicle has also been broken.

“The bus driver left the scene of the accident,” he said.

Rahim has tried unsuccessfully to contact the STM and filed a police report.