It’s a love story for the ages: when Carey met Mali.

On a night when all the attention was on PK Subban, it was Carey Price, the Habs superstar goalie who was making a dream come true for one very special girl.

Mali is a huge fan of the Habs, and she's especially fond of Price. Born with a rare genetic disease known as Prader-Willi syndrome, Mali is almost non-verbal and struggles with feeling constantly hungry.

Hockey is a welcome distraction from obstacles in both language and learning. In fact, while getting blood tests in January at Saint-Justine Hospital, a nurse brought up Carey Price – and it abruptly stopped Mali’s tears.

A photo of the superfan was posted on Facebook in an attempt to get the Canadiens’ attention. ... and the photo went viral.

Just a few days later the family received a call from the Montreal Canadiens Childrens' foundation.

Mali and her mother attended Thursday night's game, where she finally got to meet the best goalie in the world.

Price gave her a cake and some specially autographed memorabilia.

But perhaps the best gift of all were his words: “You are beautiful” and “I love you.”

Mali now has a Price’s words and a new jersey to cling to -- number 31, signed by Price -- with her own name on it.

An honorary Canadien, Mali will be forever loyal to her favourite player.