MONTREAL -- While Car2Go will cease operating across North America starting tomorrow, more Montrealers are buying into ride-sharing options.

Last week, Communauto announced an addition of 700 vehicles across the country, and in Montreal, there are less parking restrictions downtown for Communauto users making it an attractive option for those wanting to get around on a budget.

"Just in Montreal, we'll have more than 2,000 vehicles this year in operation," said Communauto CEO Benoit Robert.

In addition, Turo - a peer-to-peer rental platform - has 12,000 vehicles listed in Quebec and 1,500 in Montreal.

"Something is going on in Montreal where sustainable mobility gets attractive," said Montreal City Councillor Eric Alan Caldwell.

Turo Vice President Cedric Mathieu says vehicles in Canada are idle more than 90 per cent of the time and that his company aims to keep them in use.

"It's more about getting a car to escape the city, to go to the cottage or to visit family or to run some errands on the weekend," said Mathieu.