The Surete du Quebec has broken up a ring of car thieves who were targetting travellers.

Police raided multiple homes, a garage, and a barn on the South Shore early Tuesday morning, and said they were expecting to conduct raids throughout the day, including in Montreal.

SQ officer Joyce Kemp said police had arrested several people and were expecting to arrest more as the day went on.

She said the thieves had a technological advantage: at their disposal was a tool used to create master keys for cars, allowing them to unlock cars and drive away without causing any damage.

Police were able to seize that tool on Tuesday.

The investigation into the crime ring began in October after police received a tip from the public, and the Insurance Bureau of Canada and LoJack Canada assisted in the investigation.

Most of the stolen cars were taken from hotel parking lots near Trudeau International airport, then put into shipping containers to ship to Africa.

Those accused will face charges of possession of stolen property, trafficking stolen property, and conspiracy to commit an offense.