Francois Legault says he will release his financial information so Philippe Couillard won't be able to distract voters from real issues during the campaign.

In a news conference Wednesday, the leader of the Coalition Avenir Quebec said he will accept Couillard’s challenge and publish his tax return, along with other financial information, going above and beyond what is already given to the province's Ethics Commissioner.

Legault said it would take several days to collect and publish everything regarding himself and his wife, Isabelle Brais, which would amount to his home and his assets in Quebec.

He also said he found Couillard's demands exaggerated given the Ethics Commissioner already requests and publishes substantial amounts of information.

He said he has nothing to hide, but thinks people will be surprised when they see the value of his house.

Legault’s comments come a day after Liberal Leader Philippe Couillard announced he would publicly release his and his wife’s tax returns before Thursday’s leaders’ debate.

Marois repeated Wednesday that she will not divulge hers and her husband’s financial information, saying the mechanisms already in place to ensure transparency are good enough.

With a file from The Canadian Press