As Quebec’s Liberal Party met in Trois-Rivieres on Saturday, their opponents in the National Assembly took shots at Premier Philippe Couillard over his relationship with an embattled party organizer.

Coalition Avenir Quebec deputy house leader Eric Caire urged Couillard to ban Marc-Yvan Cote from the Liberal Party for life.

In 2005, Cote was expelled from the federal Liberals by then-Prime Minister Paul Martin. He currently faces charges of fraud and corruption stemming from allegations of trading political financing and gifts for government contracts.

Caire said Couillard had promised transparency and integrity in government and must act to live up to those vows.

Treasury Board President Pierre Moreau shot back, saying he was “pretty tired” of accusations aimed at Couillard.

Earlier in the week, Couillard had said he had been reaching out as a human being when he invited Cote to his home in 2012 in the wake of a damning report against the former cabinet minister.

Couillard added that Cote could not be banned from the PLQ as he isn’t a member of the party.