Emerald Health Therapeutics is opening a newly upgraded production facility in Quebec -- and will be hiring 140 people to work in St. Eustache.

Vancouver-based Emerald Health acquired Verdelite in St. Eustache last year, and since then has expanded the factory, more than tripling its floor space.

The St. Eustache facility has 23 separate growing rooms to isolate different strains of medical and recreational marijuana plants.

Production at the site is already underway, and it hopes to be up to full capacity for producing cannabis products in April.

Avtar Dhillon of Emerald Health Therapeutics said cannabis growth is in full bloom.

"Quebec is the second-largest market. When you look at the global market it's well over a couple hundred billion dollars. When you look at the Canadian market by 2021 it's expected to be $26 billion," said Dhillon.

Thierry Schmidt is the president of the Verdelite subsidiary.

"Soon Emerald will have its product at the SQDC but it is our hope we will have our Verdelite product on shelf at the SQDC," he said.

Verdelite has 200 different strains of cannabis that it can produce, and the building also has 12 different processing areas to keep the strains separated.