MONTREAL -- The race for mayor in Pointe-Claire could come down to a recount after Tim Thomas came out on top after the municipal election but by a tiny margin.

Recounts have also been officially requested in two other tight races following the Nov. 7 election. 

Incumbent John Belvedere is asking for the results in Pointe-Claire to be looked at again after losing the election by just 61 votes.

He has now hired a lawyer to challenge the results.

“Everyone needs to know where everybody stands and democracy is the most overriding consideration of everything we’re talking about here,” said lawyer Michael Polak in an interview Thursday.

Both Belvedere and Thomas declined CTV News’ requests for interviews.

Pointe-Claire has seen its share of contentious issues, starting with the development of condos at the site of the former Old Pioneer bar — something that was on the mind of voters at the ballot box.

“I don’t think we want Pointe-Claire to become the downtown of the West Island,” one voter told CTV.

However, she says a recount is the right move.

“I think there should be a recount because with 61 votes and I understand a lot of spoiled votes.”

Belvedere’s lawyer expects an answer from the court soon.

“You have a difference of 61 votes between the 2 top contenders Mr. Thomas and Mr. Belvedere and 55 spoiled ballots,” Polak said.

But even he points out being granted a recount is far from a slam dunk.

“When you are asking a judge he or she has the final word. And you never know what a judge is going to think or say, never assume anything,” he said.

“This is the court of law and the judge has the last word.”

With the contenders hoping the last word comes in the next few days, Pointe-Claire's next council meeting is set for Tuesday.


On Thursday afternoon, a spokesperson for Mayor Valerie Plante's Projet Montreal confirmed to CTV that it will request a judicial recount in two close races won by just a few dozen votes. 

Her party's candidate in the Tétreaultville district, Suzie Miron, lost by 42 votes to Ensemble Montreal's Julien Hénault-Ratelle. 

The party is also challenging the results in the race for mayor of Outremont. 

In that race, Laurent Desbois of Ensemble Montreal won by a margin of 23 votes against Philipe Tomlinson.