While Francois Legault stepped off the campaign trail Wednesday to prepare for a French debate the following day, CAQ candidates affirmed their unwavering confidence in their leader - who they admit has encountered a few challenges in the last two days. 

A handful of the party's star candidates were on-hand at an announcement about prohibiting the use of cannabis in public places.

Ian Lafreniere, CAQ candidate in the Vachon riding, told reporters the Legault remains "l'homme de la situation" - the man of the hour.

Former prosecutor Sonia LeBel affirmed that her confidence in Legault as a potential future Premier has not wavered, and that the party's success is not "poll dependent."

The eight candidates told the press that they still have fait that the CAQ could win a majority vote on October 1 - despite recent public opinion polls showing a decline in party support. 

LeBel says that the optimism is also fueled by the fact that many voters throughout the province are still undecided. 

"For once, Quebecers are reflecting, are not being taken for a run - and will make an informed choice," she said. 

The third electoral debate will take place on Thursday at TVA, with 10 days left until Quebecers head to the polls.