The Canadiens are four games into a losing streak as they prepare to face the Carolina Hurricanes at the Bell Centre Tuesday evening.

But the two games before this streak were very tough, with only a heroic performance from Carey Price giving the Habs a win on Jan. 16 against Ottawa.

This past Saturday the fans were so fed up with the Canadiens' offensive performance that the team received a standing ovation when its first shot was made against the Capitals on Saturday night.

While the Canadiens' performance is being treated sarcastically by fans, the Hurricanes have been demonstrating their might by winning ten of their past 13 games.

Josh Gorges said he and his teammates have to return to the style they were showing in November when they picked up 19 points.

"It's the hardest thing when things aren't going well is to find that balance. But you have to enjoy what you are doing. If you are not having fun and you are not enjoying what you are doing out there, it's hard to compete. So we've got to get back to like I said having that passion, that love for the game. Just go out there and play hockey," said Gorges.

The Canadiens have six games before the Olympic break begins on Feb. 9, and with eight players heading to Sochi people are starting to worry about security.

The threat of a terrorist attack during the Olympic Games is considered to be extremely high, especially from widows of Chechen freedom fighters acting as suicide bombers.

The league has now decided that if any significant terrorist act happens before Feb. 9, it will not permit any NHL players to play in the Olympic Games.