MONTREAL -- The victims of Ukrainian Airlines Flight 752 were mourned by friends, family and hundreds of other Montrealers at a vigil on Sunday afternoon.

Those gathered listened to speakers and musicians and lit candles surrounding photos of those who died when the Iranian military accidentally fired two missiles at the plane on Jan. 8. All 176 passengers and crew onboard were killed, including 57 Canadians.

While the federal government has called on Iran to send the plane’s black box to an independent facility for analysis, the Iranian government has said they have no plans to do so as of yet.

Armin Morattab, whose brother was killed, said he wants Canada to continue applying pressure.

“To know what happened before the tragedy, who is responsible for that, we request the government of Canada, the media and everybody (to conduct) a full investigation on this,” he said. “To not forget what happened, to not forget about it because it’s still fresh. The media is covering now but… it may take a year. We want you to follow up and look for clarity and justice.”

Two members of Canada’s Transportation Safety Board have been dispatched to Iran to work with investigators there. The TSB said they currently know of no firm plans for when and where the black boxes will be analyzed.