MONTREAL -- The road over Mount-Royal prized by cyclists eager for a hill climb will be barred from vehicle traffic again, but only sometimes.

Camillien-Houde Way is closing to traffic once again this summer, but not every day. Starting Sunday, cyclists, pedestrians and other athletes will have free reign of the stretch of road every Sunday morning.

From 7:30 a.m. to noon every Sunday until September 27 the street that runs over Mount-Royal will be closed to cars.

The City of Montreal is doing this to offer cyclists and others who use the road to train a chance to have the pavement all to themselves.

The city has been trying to limit the traffic flow on the road since a cyclist was killed in 2017 after a driver made an illegal U-turn and hit him.

The city closed the road to vehicle traffic during the week in the past, and it has also made it one way by using alternating lights.

Those measures drew some ire from the around 10,000 drivers who use the road regularly.

Velo Quebec said they want the street closed to cars entirely.

“I think it’s a good move, but it’s not enough for us because for us, what we expected for the city, we think the right decision is to close Camillien Houde from the transit,” said Velo Quebec CEO Suzanne Lareau. It’s a park, and it’s a park used by pedestrians, and cyclists. It’s a very nice place to be training for a cyclist.”