Wilde Horses

- If there is one man we should be listening to when it comes to Daniel Briere this season, it is Daniel Briere. He has been telling everyone all year that he has great chemistry on the left side with Plekanec and Gionta. He hasn't been shy about it. The coaching staff probably didn't like to hear it so often. 38 seconds in, Briere goal. For those down on him, he has the second best goals per 60 minutes played on the Habs behind only Pacioretty. Not bad for a guy in the dog house most of the year. He had only one goal. He should have had three others.

- Subban for his huge hit on Eric Gryba. That's Player 62 Paul MacLean.

- Galchenyuk on the powerplay. The passes were lining up like gifts on the stick of Briere like he was the only kid at Christmas in a filthy rich family. As I have been saying, time for more responsibility for Galchenyuk. He's more than ready.

- Vanek. So many chances. They'll come. He's a goal scorer. They'll come.

- Subban for coming out of a lengthy funk. He hasn't been very good. Let's admit it. He showed his talents in this one more than he has. The final play at 1 second left with the game on the line was sheer genius - to have the poise to pass to Desharnais was just crazy good. Just crazy good.

Wilde Goats

- The powerplay. Had chances but chances don't count in hockey accept at confidence building. So perhaps they built enough confidence for the next game because that is yet another "O for".

- Doug Murray. The love affair the coaching staff has with this player stuns me. He's been in the league long enough to know he isn't a last man back dangler. The Sens didn't score when the net was off, but they did gain a lot of momentum of what isn't just a dumb play physically for Murray but also a dumb one intellectually. He should have taken any thought out of his mind that he could dangle through the neutral zone about five years ago.

- Weaver completely let Smith sneak behind him to start the 3rd for a breakaway.

- Bergevin has got to get Beaulieu up from Hamilton. At least for the second powerplay unit D which is so anemic.

- As much as the youth line did well offensively, Gallagher was a minus 4 Eller was a minus 2 Galchenyuk was a minus 1 as the line was not ready for prime time together defensively. A defensive minded coach like Therrien will break them up in Buffalo and follow through rotating Gionta perhaps with 81 and 27 as the third period against Ottawa.

- The defence is a 1 Subban, a 1A Markov and 4 more that are 5-6es. They need to shore up the blue line fast. The only hope relies in Tinordi who was poor Wednesday and Beaulieu who I don't even know why he's in Hamilton. Teaching him a lesson again for something. I guess.

Wilde Cards

- The wild card in this one is the head coach. There is no reason to change the first three lines. They were strong. Good chemistry. You can't change things because there is no finish to the chances for two periods. You change when there are no chances. The coach can't improve puck luck and talent to finish. He can only look for chance chemistry. There was plenty of that until the puck luck finally came. The coach finally got these lines together. Let's see if he follows through and keeps them together as he should. See above: He won't.

- Fortitude is your Wilde Card. It is the great wild card in all sports. Are you a professional who believes crazy things can happen or do you pack it in? Pucks bounce oddly. Things happen. Scripts that can't happen have been happening for centuries in the sports arena. But only to those who are still competing. It's a lesson in life and it happens in sports and that's why we love them. Why we embrace them. Something special can happen but only to the faithful and the fighters. They fought Saturday night. They were rewarded and it was fun to be a part of the Bell Centre revelling in the joy of it - in the joy that is sports.