Wilde Horses

- The Leafs are one of the marquee offensive teams in league. They have some giant weapons up front. They needed 15 minutes to get a shot and that included 2 minutes of powerplay time. At least, that's how it looked until Toronto woke up.

- Therrien tried Alex Galchenyuk again with Plekanec and Gionta in a shutdown role against JVR-Bozak-Kessel. Moen is usually in the left wing hole, so a huge goal for the sophomore in the first.

-Gallagher on the 3-3 Subban goal is the player running the goaltender screen. That's right, the guy shaped like a candle accepts all responsibilities, including the ones that should not be assigned to him. Gallagher showed that this game cared to him a lot. He hustled and worked to the danger areas at every opportunity.

- Dale Weise, who took a Kadri skate in the face, bled profusely, got patched up, put on a cage and said put me in coach. Hockey players are a special breed, or to non-hockey lovers, this is known as crazy. By the way, since Weise has been a Hab, Montreal has 11 of 12 possible points.

- That was much better from Lars Eller. No breakthrough but a better game. More around the puck.

- Even though his bench management will continue to confuse me at times (Murray) Therrien used his time out at the perfect moment when the Habs were reeling. You might say too late but 2-2 for the time out is too reactionary. The recovery time at 3-2 was a good time for a speech.

- Briere's overtime shift was enough for everyone to see that he still has some hockey to give. It may be situational but get him out in the right situation and he'll give you results.

- Max for being Max. He's a perimeter player said the nationally respected NHL broadcaster. I reply with you do not watch the games, Sir.

Wilde Goats

- The 2-2 JVR shorthanded goal had 3 goats. Markov passed to no one. Pacioretty and Subban both kind of stared at each other and Subban got beaten for speed.

- On the 3-2 goal, Kessel's speed was simply too much for Emelin and Murray who looked like two ocean liners turning around compared to the Kessel speedboat.

- Fault to J.J. Daigneault and Therrien on that Kessel goal too. They surely know that is a mismatch. Those two, Emelin and Murray, don't play together, so it was a mish-mash all around.

- Honestly, I don't really like the skill set of Doug Murray. I know people say he clears the net and people worry about his physicality. However, even his defenders have to wonder how he gets use on those four-on-fours. That hockey is just too wide open for him coach. You're welcome.

- Not the greatest game from Markov, as Bergevin contemplates what his next move is - trade or contract. However, one hell of a pass to Pacioretty on the OT winner.

Wilde Cards

-Daniel Briere is tops on the entire Habs team in 5 on 5 points per 60 minutes played. This is a remarkable stat made more so by the fact Therrien barely plays Briere and he started the Leafs game lined with those two awesome finishers Moen and Parros. "Thanks for the empty promises Bergevin," is what I would say if I were Briere.

- The CBC went batty criticizing Subban for tugging his sweater after his goal. Give it a rest you geezers. You are on Subban so hard you look like you have an agenda. Why not comment on hockey for a bit?