LONGUEUIL -- Where do you go when you want to meet up with a local seller or buyer — at their house… or maybe in a public parking lot? Longueuil police have a better idea and one they say is safer.

They want residents to conduct those exchanges at what they call a ‘neutral exchange zone’ at police headquarters.

The station, located at 699 Curé-Poirier Blvd. W, is staffed 24/7 and there are surveillance cameras on site.

“We believe it’s an appropriate spot for anyone who wishes to meet someone they don’t know for any type of reason. It might be you bought something over the internet and you wish to have the exchange set up in a place where it’s neutral - and obviously at a police station you don’t expect someone to rip you off,” explained Jean-Pierre Voutsinos of the Longueuil police.

Voutsinos said families who share custody of children and need a neutral place to meet can also do it here.

The Longueuil police department joins other municipalities including Montreal in encouraging people to use these safe zones when they need to – and reminds people to respect COVID-19 distancing guidelines.