Montreal police are investigating the murder-suicide of two brothers in Montreal North, days after one of the men lost his daughter to cancer.

The men's 83-year-old mother was also inside the apartment at the time and witnessed the shooting. She was later treated for shock.

Neighbours said they heard a woman screaming early Tuesday afternoon on n Plaza Ave. between Prieur St. and Place Menard, then called police.

Officers arrived at 1 p.m. to find the body of a man in his 50s who appeared to have been shot and killed. They soon located the body of another man, who took his own life with the same firearm.

The two men are brothers, identified as 60-year-old Antonio and 58-year-old Giovanni Iafigliola. It has not been confirmed which brother was the shooter, though police suspect the younger brother shot the elder one. They will meet with family members soon to investigate, said Montreal police spokesperson Raphael Bergeron.

"(We want) to get a better description of what happened and why the altercation took place inside the apartment," he said.

The men's mother, Rosa Iafligliola, is listed as the owner of the home at 10631 Plaza Ave. were the tragedy took place. Records show Giovanni Iafligliola lived at 10633 Plaza Ave.

Antonio Iafligliola's daughter, Cadia, died on Dec. 29 after a long battle with brain cancer. Her obituary reveals she was buried on Jan. 3.