MONTREAL - Anthony Bourdain, one of the TV’s best-known travel hosts, heaped relentless praise on Montreal in his much-watched Parts Unknown program Sunday evening.

Bourdain began the program by gushing about the city from the opening segment, in which he is seen walking city streets after a fresh snowfall, declaring Montreal his “favourite place in Canada."

In previous episodes Bourdain showcased Burma and Colombia and confessed to preferring those toasty climes, saluting Montrealers for being able to cope with the winter cold and describing them as, “tough, crazy bastards."

Bourdain’s televised activities were not the thing of every foodie tourist visit however, as he’s seen eating fancy fare on a tablecloth in an ice fishing shack with Frédéric Morin and David McMillan of the Joe Beef restaurant and later does the same on a picnic table outdoors in St. Henri on a cold winter night after a game outdoor shinny.

He also eats beaver meat with chef Martin Picard who notes: "When you eat beaver, you understand that it's beaver."

Bourdain also took aim at Montreal's young restaurant staffers. "At this point in my life, I just don't know any more. Are these young cooks, young servers, these dedicated entrepreneurs...are they hipsters? Or am I just a cranky old f___ who thinks anybody below the age of 30 is a hipster?"

Bourdain was also in Montreal Sunday, on his "guts and glory" tour, speaking to an audience at Place des Arts.

His CNN program airs Sunday evening at 9 p.m. and is watched by an estimated one million viewers and goes into another 270 million homes around the world on CNN International.